15 Things for the Classroom on the 100th Day of School

15 Things for the Classroom on the 100th Day of School

Are your kiddos counting down until the 100th day of school? Mine are of course! It means they are 100 days smarter; and oh so close to the end of the year and all the fun that summer will bring! I have gathered 15 fun-tastic things on Amazon that are going to be perfect for sending to school to keep the kids excited and to add to the celebration!

I am a participant in the amazon affiliate program. If you click a link and buy one of these items I will earn a small commission at no cost to you.

100th Day of School Wristbands
Whirling “100” Decorations
100 Days of School Paper Crowns
100 Days Paper Glasses
Glitter Boppers for the 100th Day of School
100 Days Smarter Badges
100 Days of School Dot Marker Sheets
100 Days Smarter Stickers
100th Day of School Pencils
100th Day of School Pete the Cat Bulletin Board Accessories
100 Days Ribbon Badges
100th Day of School Activity Kit
100th Day of School Dog Tag Necklaces
100th Day Headbands
100th Day of School Erasers


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