5 Ways to Let Them Get Their Hands Dirty


Kids need a chance to get dirt on their hands! We found 5 awesome ways to encourage them to do just that!



We love to encourage our children to get outside and to get dirty! We love them to see them playing, exploring and experiencing the world around them!  Our 6 year old son is not one to go out and get dirty. He fusses about the slightest bit of dirt. We often joke that he never had a chance to get dirty when he was an only child. I wouldn’t have dreamed of it. Our 2 year old however; that child resembles Pig Pen from the Peanuts most of the time. She can find a way to get dirty in the most sterile of environments. No joke.

While Harp will literally smell dirt, rub it on her neck and in her hair and dive into it with delight, Rolfie is not as eager to experience life with dirty hands. That inspired me to find some fun ways for kids to learn and play with dirt, just for him!


Mobile Mud Kitchen
Soda Bottle Fairy Gardens
Magnetic Mud Experiment
Outdoor Obstacle Course
Hands on Nature Stem Experiments


Which of these ideas do you think your kids would have the most fun with? I would love to hear from you in a comment!


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