8 Ways to Serve Apples with Dinner

8 ways to serve apples for dinner final

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Finally a relief from the heat and it is the season for all things apple! If you are planning a trip to the orchard soon, you won’t want to miss these 8 Ways to Serve Apples With Dinner. I am sure a few of these recipes are going to make your tummy rumble!

Maple Glazed Pecan Apple Parmesan Pizza
Apple Mushroom Curry
Apple Quesadillas
Beer Battered Apple Rings
Chicken Salad with Apple Pico De Gallo
Bacon Apple Cheese Bread
Brie Apple and Arugula Quesadillas
Cheddar, Apple, Onion and Bacon Pizza

I think the Bacon Apple Cheese Bread sounds amazing as do the Apple Quesadillas! Which of these 8 Ways to Serve Apples With Dinner do you want to try first? If you have a favorite way to serve apples with dinner leave me a comment about it!


  1. I would probably start with the Brie Apple and Arugula Quesadillas, but they all look tasty. The pizzas would be next.

  2. yum! I love apples and love different ways to have them. I never thought of having them any of these ways at all! The Apple Quesadillas could be amazing!


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