91 Day DeClutter Challenge-Clean Out Fridge/Frezeer


I am participating in the 91 Day Declutter Challenge that Mary Organizes has set up. Each week we focus on a different area and each day we focus on specific areas.

Today’s task was to Clean out your fridge/freezer. Remove expired and dirty foods.

The first thing I did was to take everything out of my fridge and check expiration dates. I threw out all of the expired foods. Then I wiped out all of the shelves and put everything back in and grouped the items that belonged together so it is easier to find everything.


Before After

Then I took everything off of the fridge and determined what I need to keep and if it even belonged on the refrigerator/freezer in the first place. I hate how cluttered it looked. I had a ridiculous amount of magnets on it. I kept the laminated to do/note sheet because I use it a lot as soon as I run out of an item I write it under to buy that way next time I go to the grocery store I remember to put that item on my grocery list.





If you want to start on the 91 Day De-Clutter Challenge. You can find out more information here. Tomorrow I will be working on de-cluttering my pantry.


  1. I too have a ridiculous amount of magnets on my fridge. I hate how tacky they look but can’t bring myself to throw them away. I moved mine to the side of the fridge and this seems to help me cope. Your fridge looks great and I bet it made you feel so much better to get it organized. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, our fridges look like twins…at least they used to. Now I need to declutter mine. Nice job!

  3. I so need to declutter mine! My fridge too, is overloaded with the magnets I collect from my travels abroad and I can’t bear to part with them. Maybe I ought to get a magnetic board and move those magnets there.

    Your fridge looks fantastic, BTW! Great job!

  4. I so need to do this. I was planning to clean out my fridge and cabinets today everything is such a mess.

  5. I really need to do this. My fridge has so much stuff on and in it that aren’t needed. You did a great job with yours, really makes mine look bad now. 🙂

  6. Love the “after” pictures! Nothing like the feeling ya get after organizing/de-cluttering! You have motivated me, April!

  7. I find it a lot of work to keep the fridge and freezer neat and clean. I try to do a little each day to keep up with it.

  8. I really need to de-clutter. hoping to do so before we move so we do not take garbage with us! Thank you for your story.

  9. It took me over an hour to clean out the fridge and freezer, and I scrubbed it clean. I am so glad that I got this big task done because it needed it very bad.


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