6 Pillow Projects to Throw Yourself Into


I can’t ever get enough pillows! I would have a million on our bed if my husband was down with that! A few weeks ago I found these fantastic packages of fabric for pillow making in Toy Story theme. Of course, I sewed up a few for the kids, who were amazed!

I had so much fun creating a few pillows that I couldn’t stop there! I found 6 pillow projects to throw myself into and I can’t wait to share these with you! I hope these ideas inspire you to explore the notion of updating your space with a thrifty pillow project!


DIY Pin-Tucked Pillow
Pop of Color Pillows
Patriotic Pillow
Easy Throw Pillows
Red, White and Blue Envelope Pillows
DIY Floor Pillows


These ideas are fantastic. They are simple enough for a beginner for the most part and they are all functional. I really love the DIY Floor Pillows! These would be great at our house. The Pop of Color Pillows are also pretty terrific. Which of these floor pillow projects do you think you will make first? I would love to hear about it in a comment!


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