How I stay on top of household chores

how to stay on top of chores

We had a great summer, going swimming at the pool almost everyday. This school year my daughter started Kindergarten and my son is now in 3rd grade. So both of the kids are in school all day. My goal is to get more organized and stay on top of all of the house and school stuff.

I thought I would tell you things I have been doing to be more organized and have a more streamlined home.

1. laundry- I do a load of laundry everyday from start to finish and put all of the clothes away. It takes less than a minute to put a load of laundry in the wash.

2. mail- I recently read an article that says you should only touch paperwork/mail one time. When you get the mail go through it the same day, recycle what can be recycled, trash anything that is trash and can’t be recycled. If it is a bill pay it right away if you can. I pay all of my bills online so if I do get a bill I go online and set up the payment that day.

3. school paperwork-with 2 kids in school they bring home a lot of paperwork, I have them pile all of their paperwork on the counter when I have time that day I look at everything and if anything needs to be signed and returned I make sure I do that before I go to bed and sign it and put it back in their folders.

4. vacuum- I have a dog and a cat so I vacuum every other day. My husband is allergic to pet dander so I have to keep on vacuuming.

5. cleaning bathrooms- this is my absolute least favorite thing to do. We have three full bathrooms and 1 1/2 bath. I have been having my son clean his bathroom because it so disgusting. But I do clean the other bathrooms. I try to clean them once a week to stay on top of cleaning otherwise they get pretty disgusting.

6. dishes-If I am making a big meal I will try to fill up the sink and do dishes as I am cooking. During the week I usually make quick meals and after dinner I load the dishwasher or hand wash the dishes. It is so nice to wake up to a clean kitchen.

I would love to hear ways that you stay on top on household chores?


  1. I have to admit, staying on top of household chores is a sore spot for me, so your tips are going to help get me refocused on making it a priority. Once I have an idea of a list or schedule and I make it a repeat event, it’s easy for me.

    We use a chalkboard to list daily tasks that need to be completed. It’s helped a little bit, but still hasn’t done the trick.

    I’ve thought about soliciting the ideas of my parents. Our homes were always immaculate and theirs still is. I hope that if I can grab enough ideas from them I can make an eBook.

    After being raised by my parents, I don’t know why it’s so hard for me, but it is.

  2. I am horrible at staying on top of household chores. I usually have to do a big cleaning sesh every few days. I have 5 kids and I homeschool, so my biggest areas of improvement are paper clutter and laundry. I read once about a 4×4 system for doing laundry–4 loads by 4pm everyday. I have been trying to keep up with that, but I usually get about 3 done. I have instituted the “touch mail only once” rule and I either set the bills to get paid or toss ads in the trash right away. Great tips!

  3. I always struggle with dishes they seem to be the one thing I fall behind on. My hubby and I now split it up, that way it doesn’t seem like such a hassle 🙂

  4. I am still trying to get into a good routine. It seems like I am cleaning constantly but there is always a mess!! I should start with mail. It tends to pile up here on a regular basis!

  5. Ones I totally agree with and do already too. It makes life so much easier. I need to find a better routine though all together.

  6. Love this!!! Our house is very “lived in” since we homeschool and have a toddler. We are trying to start a clean up schedule that works for everyone this month, and so far so good. I may tweak a few things after reading your post though. Great ideas. Vacuuming everyday is a must for us with two cats and three kiddos in and out all day too. I am sorta paper hoarder! lol I need to try to start following the one touch it one time rule.


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