Ideas for Summer Fun


As a stay at home mom I am always looking for fun ways to keep my kids busy in the summer! But, I also don’t want to go broke funding their adventures… after all they are elementary school aged. I started writing a list of ideas to keep the kids happily busy, having fun without going broke and I wanted to share these ideas with you.

Story Time At The Library
This gives the kids a chance to socialize with friends, old and new. They hear several books with the librarian, make a craft and have a blast. I get to socialize quietly with other parents. I think this is a win win situation for my family.
Summer Reading Programs
The library has one, Barnes and Noble has one, as does Scholastic. After story time we select one book for each program we are participating in. This insures they are reading for about 15 minutes a day all summer long to complete the programs and earn free books.
Park Picnic Day
We made an agreement as a family, if we can all be helpful, and get along with each other, every Friday we will have a park picnic day. We will take our lunch to the park, play for a few hours and enjoy the chance to be outdoors! This is a good way to remind the children to be helpful during the week so that our special Friday routine is possible.
Back Yard Camping
Last year we put up our tent. No one slept in it, but the kids had a lot of fun playing in it during the day and pretending to go camping! I can only imagine how much fun they will have when they sleep over night in the tent this year!
Swimming Lessons
We have several options in our area. $15 for 5 lessons in the next town, or $35 for 8 weeks of 30 minute lessons two times a week. The kids like the water time, and swimming is an important skill for them to develop. Some areas will have free lessons! Check around!Do you have any ideas for frugal summer fun?


  1. These all sound like fun ideas! We hope to go real camping this fall! I don’t have a backyard (yet), but I’d do it, even as an adult.


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