Make Your Loved One’s Birthday A Memorable One



Birthday’s make a person cherish the life that god has given. Adding to the joy of the celebration there are wonderful birthday gifts which make the person feel more blessed. Gifts are bound to be given with a thought of the person’s likes or dislikes, it should be beautiful, and need not necessarily huge. It can be remembered for a lifetime. One look at it and all the fond memories will return back.


Gifts can be funny, crazy, which can spread a giggle on the face of the person. Like a talking parrot, or a funny toy. Of course, it depends on the age factor also. But as such laughing heals everything, so it is a good alternative. The factor of relationship is also essential, if you have a friendly, but formal relations then do not go for expensive gifts. A birthday flowers delivery or a good wishes card is ok for common relationships.


Consider The Taste Of The Person: Along with the relationship factor, the taste of the person should be kept in mind while giving the present. Think what’s his favorite thing? Is he an animal lover, passionate about sports, or he/she loves travelling and is an adventurer. He has a sweet tooth for food and chocolates, or loves cartoons or movies or is into religious stuff. accordingly you can assign the gifts. For an animal lover you can buy a bowl or a pedigree dog food if he is a keeper of dogs. You can gift the colorful belts, or even better, give him tickets to treat his animal to an animal spa. Feels like, one passion and many solutions. You can gift an anime DVD set to a cartoon lover, or a baseball kit to a sports fan. if he is religious gift him accordingly. Don’t forget the antiques! An age old wall clock, or an ancient manuscript, or a wall piece, or the best one is ancient coin collection. This will make him just all smiles and hugs on you. Believe it, this works actually. For a lover of books, there are numerous options so that is not a problem. Be classy, simple yet elegant.


Yearly Smiles: Think over the idea of making the receiver smile even after the birthday. Here’s what you can do. Give him the monthly or yearly subscriptions to his favorite magazine keeping in mind his interest. That is not a tough task, he might love cooking, or horse riding, or trekking, or interior designing stuff, or is crazy about movies. The glossy magazine filled with all sorts of details will catch his eyes, and he won’t take his hands off the magazine.


Another option is a subscription to a club that delivers a particular item each month or so. Like the fruit of the month club. For example, give the birthday guy or gal fresh apples one month, oranges the next, and pears the following. For wine lovers, a regular delivery of a selection of red or white wines to try out would likely be appreciated. There are beer-of-the-month clubs as well, which allows the receiver to try a range of different brews. These clubs are often a bit expensive, as shipping charges can be high, but many have options for less frequent deliveries; if a monthly delivery is too much, one every three months or for just the first six months of the year may be a possibility.


Go Clubbing: Give the recipient a whole 365 day’s membership to a club which delivers a monthly item. Take for e.g. toy of the month club, if he is akin or is interested in toy making designs then every month he/she will receive a designed elegant toy, his joy will knew no bounds. Likewise, a flower admirer is a universal aspect. Allow the person to smell his favorite roses by a parcel of flowers at his door. There is a wine club where there can be a delivery of red wines or other reputed brands of alcohol which would be highly appreciated by a wine lover. The membership of this clubs can be a bit more expensive, the cost of shipping the products on time is a time consuming job. It needs more of money, but if it’s not possible once in a month, then you can opt for once in a 6 month or the first six months of the year.

Give A Gift Of Hangout: Getting out and having some fun at the recipient’s favorite place is also considered a good idea for a birthday present. It would be a very welcoming idea for your friend or relative. Take the recipient to his favorite resort, or if he is a child take him to an amusement park for whole day making his trip a memorable one. If he is an adult, you can think of offering him/her a date. However this is an issue based on personal perspective, so it depends on the recipient and your relation. There are aquariums, museums, adventure parks, wild life sanctuaries where even an adult will have an experience of his lifetime. Do not forget to buy the tickets for the trip unless you are taking the birthday person alone with you. It is your treat and it’s your responsibility to make it special.


Small But Special Offerings: If you have a tight situation in your budget scenario, then you can opt for a small gift, which involves your genuine love and feelings for the person. Do not think that only studded and sparkling valuables are important. You can do the chores of the person at his house to help all day, or you can do the gardening of the flowers for the recipient, He will really appreciate your efforts. If the relationship is so strong, then even a small lip balm of the person’s choice will bring smile to his face.


Avoid Intimate Gifts: You can have an idea of the birthday flowers delivered at the recipient’s house, as a basic perspective. But do not ever think of buying intimate objects for the person which includes lingerie or sleeping wear, it might make the person sullen and embarrassed. Take a look at your relationship and consider the amount of cohesiveness you people have it. Buy according to the person’s taste. After all, the gifts are connected with the heart of yours and the person you are giving too. You can relish the same feeling by looking at your antique placed in the recipient’s show case and feel happy. Offerings are said to be god made you just add the tinge of love and humanity in it.


About The Author: Kate Steele is the author of this article. She has witnessed the power of birthday flowers delivered to her friends and relatives. She believes in making the recipient’s birthday solemn and special by giving exquisite but meaningful gifts. Here she is giving some tips as to what can be offered as a present.



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