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Lessons I Learned from the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge


I feel like I am always organizing/decluttering my house. When I found out about the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge I was all for it and excited to start and see the inspirational posts from other people participating in the challenge.

You can read more about the challenge here. There is also a Facebook group you can join to see all of the posts from other people participating. Everyone is so helpful, sweet and inspirational, you can join the group here.

I did not keep track of how many bags I got rid of, I used Walmart/Target plastic bags and as I filled them I would put them in the trunk and once it got full enough I would take a load to Goodwill.

I first worked on my kitchen because we were getting a backsplash installed so I wanted the kitchen extra clean. I went through every cabinet and every drawer and got rid of anything I didn’t use. When I went through my utensil drawer I couldn’t believe how many spatulas I had. I also cleaned out my pantry, I threw out any expired foods and organized everything.

I went through my bedroom closet and dresser drawers any clothes I didn’t love or wear I got rid of. I also went through my makeup/nail polish and got rid of anything I didn’t use or that was old. While I was working in my bedroom I decided to go through my four bookshelves full of books. I got rid of 95% of my books, I donated the books I thought there might be a chance I may someday read again. I sold the other books to Half Price Books, I didn’t make a lot of money from them but having the bookshelves look so nice and even have empty space is so nice.

The basement was the worst area in my house, it is the place where I put things that don’t have a place or that needs to be put away. It is an easy place to get cluttered no one goes down there but that is where everything gets set. We have a built in bar area. It has a huge counter that is always covered in stuff. I cleaned that off completely, it looks awesome.

My kids had a small play area down there I had them go through everything, and anything they haven’t played with in a while I got rid off. I decided to take out the play area completely because we just don’t go down there often enough. Anything that they kept had to go up to their rooms.

They even went through their movies and got rid of any movies they didn’t like anymore, or just didn’t watch anymore. I also organized their movies so now they can find their movies faster.

I learned a lot from participating in the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. I learned that I am not alone with having a lot of stuff, reading and seeing the posts of others participating in the challenge really helped me and inspired me to keep going. It also made me realize how much I really hate clutter and how clean open space makes me smile. The challenge has also made me rethink my purchases I have been following the one in and one out rule.

I am currently reading a book called Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp, it is a really good book. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are going through all of your stuff.

Do I currently use it?

Do I really love it?

Would I buy it again?

I now have a basket in my room that anytime I find something that doesn’t fit or something I don’t use I immediately put it in the basket when it is full I put it all in a bag and take it to Goodwill.

Are you ready to start decluttering?  Join the challenge and join the facebook page for the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge.

Here is another great article about decluttering; How to DeClutter your home in 20 Steps.

“You only have one life to live. How you live that life is your choice. As far as I know, no one has ever had ‘I wish I had bought more stuff’ inscribed on their tombstone. What you own can easily blind you to who you are and what you can be.”
― Peter Walsh

I would love to hear how you keep your house clutter free.

Control The Urge – How You Can Avoid Impulse Buying


Are you looking to save money when purchasing things? Are you being buried by Amazon orders and are the boxes filling up your house? Impulse buying is a big problem in the United States. It is the leading reason for debt, and can end up costing you far more then you would initially assume. Let’s review some of the ways that you can save money and control impulse buying.



Make Use Of Coupon Codes


Online coupon codes are a great way to save money on the things you love. If you can’t find one and have to wait for a coupon code to appear, you will stop yourself from impulse buying, and save money as a result. In addition, using coupon codes means that you purchase only what is listed in the code. This will stop the temptation of ordering more from the same location. If you’re new to using promo codes, I suggest you visit Discountrue and see the myriad of ways to save with coupons.



Create A List And Buy Only What You Must


If you really want to save money, then hold yourself to a list. On the list, write everything that you strictly need. Be sure to separate what you need from what you want. While this may seem simplistic, the line can often become blurred if we are feeling particularly impulsive. With a clear list, you can keep yourself to only what is on the list when you go shopping. In addition to writing the list, you can make a personal rule that you are not allowed to add to the list once you leave the door. This way, you can keep yourself to the list and not risk simply adding more to it to justify your impulsive nature.



Spend Only From A Buying Fund


Many people set aside a certain amount of money per year for discretionary funding. Done as a part of creating financial budget, allocating funds for impulse purchases will allow you to buy to your hearts content, until you run out of money. You can set up the fund to be renewed weekly, monthly, and even yearly depending on the amount of the discretionary funds you have.



Avoid Temptation!


What do you do when idle? Do you surf through online retailers? Do you head over to the mall? The best way to stop impulse purchases is to avoid the temptation in the first place! Pick up a hobby, find ways to relax that don’t involve making purchases, and save a lot of money.


This is just a handful of tips but if you follow just these few, you can be sure to save lots on your purchase and prevent the storage of of the unwanted or at least not necessary stuff from growing. If you want to learn more, pay a visit to Discountrue blog section and you’ll find plenty of more tips there.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post



Cooking Healthy With Cast Iron Pans


Most people are becoming concerned about not just the food they eat, but how it’s prepared. When you make good, healthy, food at home, the last thing you want is for it to be tainted by cookware that leeches bad chemicals or contaminants into your food.


Cooking With Cast Iron


Cooking in a cast iron pan has a lot of advantages. While it’s merely OK as a heat conductor, its strength more than makes up for that – it retains heat like nobody’s business. A cast iron pan will stay hot for a really long time.


Once you finally do get it up to temperature, you shouldn’t have much trouble keeping it there. Cast iron can be taken from the stove top and put right into the oven. You can even transfer it to the grill, if you want to.


Since it’s pretty rugged, it will even find a home over open flame if that’s your thing. Basically, these types of pans are virtually indestructible. If you’re new to cast iron cooking, start out with a good 10-inch pan from a reputable store.


When you’re more experienced, look for vintage pieces.


The Benefits Of Cast Iron


Cast iron cookware should last you forever. An often overlooked benefit of cooking in cast iron is that it can become a supplemental source of iron if you ever cook acidic foods in it. When properly seasoned, the pan will be slicker than teflon, and yet easier to clean than most other types of pans, even stainless steel.


Cast iron is also more rugged than just about any other type of pan on the market. After you’ve seasoned it, it’s also relatively maintenance free. Most of the foods you think of as problematic, like eggs, will not stick to a properly-seasoned pan.


How To Take Care Of Your Cast Iron


Taking care of cast iron can be either terribly difficult or ridiculously easy. Most of the time, when you hear people speak of the ills of cast iron, it’s because they didn’t season it correctly. Most people do not know how to season cast iron. The usual directions – slather on a bunch of oil and cook it for 2 hours – is not seasoning. You don’t want to cook oil in the pan in the hopes that the oil will “absorb” into the metal.


You want to coat the oil lightly and then heat it sufficiently to cause polymerization. This simple “how to” will walk you through the steps. Make sure you’re using an edible drying oil high in ALA and that you’re not using too much oil. Check the seasoning periodically to make sure it’s fully intact and then keep your eye on it – once a year it should be redone.


Avoiding Teflon and Ceramics


You should avoid teflon and ceramics at all costs. Some newer cast iron is coated in ceramic, which sort of defeats the point of cast iron, but it also introduces a contaminant into your cooking surface – lead. Avoiding ceramics and teflon coatings will go a long way towards ensuring the health of you and your family.


Erin Perryman loves to cook using her cast iron cookware. An avid writer and home chef, she enjoys sharing her insights with others online. Look for her appetizing articles on a variety of websites and blogs.


4 Ways your Family May be Impacted by Your Accident


Being a victim of an accident can affect your entire family. This holds true even if you were the only one involved. Family members are sure to suffer to some extent, if there were serious injuries or a fatality due to the car collision. Being aware of ways people in your life may be impacted due to your accident can be helpful if you are in this situation. 

Lost Wages

It’s possible you might be unable to work, because of your accident, especially if your injuries were extensive. This means that you can’t make the necessary amount of money to support your family.

During this difficult time, other family members may be required to help fill in the earning gap and get a first or second job to help make ends meet.  This can present a challenge to any teenagers who are currently in school and may require a bit of additional commitment and sacrifice.

Medical Visits

Health care is expensive and financially recovering from an accident can be devastating. Trips to your medical provider, hospital or getting physical therapy can be time-consuming and costly, as well.

You may need to rely on help from your family to get you to and from your medical appointments. It is ideal to schedule these visits ahead of time with the individual you expect to drive you.

Pain and Suffering

The emotional distress of the injury is sure to cause family members to endure a great deal of pain and suffering. This may involve being depressed or anxious because of the financial difficulties the entire family is presented due to your accident.

Mental anxiety and stress can impact the health and life of the sufferer a great deal and is often discussed when a settlement is pending. Being able to recover a specific amount of compensation for pain and suffering is common for the person who is involved in the accident and for the family members, as well.

Property Damage

The car you were driving while in the accident may have been severely damaged. This means it could take a long time to repair or may need to be replaced.

Being without a car can impact all the family members greatly over a long period. It is likely that your teenagers borrowed the car and now are forced to be without it.

Auto accidents can affect all areas of your life and the people that you are the closest to, as well. It’s ideal to consult with an attorney who can help you build a strong case so you can attempt to recover your financial losses for you and your family.

Medicine Cabinet Clean Out Challenge



I recently lost my mother to cancer/heart disease, we had to clean out her trailer. She was on a lot of medication due to all of her heart problems and pain from cancer. I had a bag of medicine that I wasn’t sure what to do with.

Here are some questions and tips about medicine

Know your medicine

  • Do you take your prescriptions as prescribed?
  • Do you understand all possible side effects?

It is so important to take your prescriptions as it says on the label. When you fill your prescription it comes with a pamphlet/paperwork to tell you any side effects. Make sure you read them, some prescriptions you are not suppose to drive when you take and there are tons of other side effects. Here is an example of a drug called Xarelto that is prescribed as a blood thinner to patients to prevent the risk of stroke. It has been linked to having a horrible side effect of internal bleeding! You can read more about the side effects of Xarelto here.

Secure your medications

  • Are your medicines stored in a secured location?
  • How do you monitor the amount left in each medicine bottle?

I store the medicine up so the kids can’t reach it. I can easily look in each bin to see how much is in each bottle and what I have left for medicine. When I am on a prescription I just keep it in the kitchen on the counter so I will remember to take it everyday.

Dispose your medications

I wasn’t sure how to dispose of all of my Mom’s medicine so I did a Google search and found that my local grocery store pharmacy disposes of expired/unused medication. I also called them and they said they can take most medicines except pain pills which my Mom did have. The pharmacist told me I need to crush them up and put it with kitty litter then dispose of it.

Here is an article about proper disposal of medication. You can also do a Google search for medication disposal and then your state and it will tell where you can locally dispose of it. My local police station also has a bin that you can put expired/unused medication in and they dispose of it.

There are dangers to taking expired medicine. Here is an article that explains a little bit more. You also can check to see if any of your medication has recalled at the link above.

I went through all of my medicine and disposed of the expired medicine. Then I reorganized it all and put them in bins then labeled the bins.

So now are you going to take the challenge and clean out your medicine cabinet? Make sure you dispose of all the expired medication correctly.


5 Crazy Ways to Save on Gas


Just because gas prices are plummeting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize your purchase. There are many ways to save on gas beyond those gas-saving apps that help you pinpoint the cheapest filling station around. Plus, also remember that with many things you get what you pay for: There’s a collection of filling stations (including the “biggies” like Chevron, Shell, 76, etc.) that are committed to providing better, more refined fuel which is why they cost more. This is a must for those with collector cars, luxury cars, and others who want to protect the integrity of their investment.

However, where you can really save on gas comes well after you’ve paid for it. Already, 2015 has started off with the cheapest gas prices in recent history, so keep that ball rolling. Once you’ve filled up, follow these tips to make your gas last as long as possible. As an added bonus, many of these tips will also help make you a better driver:

1. Let bigger cars do the tough work

It’s kind of like how a flock of birds take turn tackling the head wind: Your car doesn’t have to work as hard if there’s another, bigger vehicle taking the headwind. Drive behind larger vehicles, allowing one car space of room per 10 mph, and your gas will last longer. However, if you don’t provide enough buffer room, you’re signing up for tailgating tickets, rock chips, and wearing out your brakes. To make this tip work, you need the perfect amount of buffering.

2. Give your brakes a break

The more often you use your breaks, and the heavier your foot, the more gas you’ll waste. Lightly tapping the brakes to slow down is preferable to having a lead brake foot. Know the signs of worn out brakes, and make sure they’re checked at least once a year, but also do your part to preserve them. For those with a stick shift, coast in neutral instead of braking and shifting to optimize your fuel usage.

3. Follow the speed limit

This might not be a “crazy” tip, but most people regularly speed thinking it’s doing them a favor (by getting them to a destination earlier). However, speed limits are there for a reason and it’s not all about safety. The maximum speed is posted because that’s what you can drive without having to constantly slam on the brakes or take wild turns. Follow the speed limit and you’ll save on gas.

4. Consolidate your trips

Many people with a car take full advantage of this luxury. However, obviously the less you drive the more gas you’ll save. Spend a month tracking your driving (perhaps with an app) and see just how much time you actually waste behind the wheel and in traffic. Everyone wants more time and more money, and you can get both if you consolidate your trips. If you really want to save, challenge yourself to taking public transportation or walking once per week.

5. Get your ride maintained

Your car can only do so much when it comes to working at optimal condition. A car should get a maintenance check annually or bi-annually. If you skip one, you may end up paying much more in repairs, gas, and replacements down the road. Do your homework and find a reputable mechanic who has the same goal as you: To make sure your ride is functioning the best it can be.

It’s easy to not optimize your gas during a time when bottom barrel prices are rampant. However, if you really want to save, combine low gas prices with gas saving moves.

Homemade Pupcakes


We got a puppy in August from a local shelter and we named him Trigger. He is the sweetest dog ever.

I was reading through Woman’s Day magazine and found a recipe for Homemade Pupcakes. I thought what a neat idea to make them for a special event such as their birthday or just because.

1 cup flour

1 egg

1 tsp baking soda

4 Tbsp butter, melted

1/4 cup unsweetened peanut butter

1/4 cup pumpkin puree

1/2 cup water


1. Heat oven to 350. Spray or grease a large muffin pan with nonstick spray

2. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients, mix thorughly

3. Divide mixture among 4 of the pan’s cups. Bake for about 30 minutes.

makes 4 large treats for dogs 65 lbs or up or cut into smaller pieces for smaller dogs.

source www.womansday.com


Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs


This is my first Halloween with our dog Trigger. I am excited to go get his costume this year.  This year while shopping for our family dog’s costumes, I came across these adorable Halloween outfits that are available for dogs. There are some really great options for both male and female dogs that are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween.

Check them out by watching the slideshow of all of the costumes.

If you are going trick-or-treating as a pirate this year, you might want to get your little baby a matching costume. How adorable is this pirate costume for female dogs!

Swashbuckler Pirate Girl Dog Costume – $35.50, 8.00 shipping – Available at Frontgate


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves never gets old. This is the perfect princess dog costume!

Enchanted White Princess Dog Costume – $29.50, 8.00 shipping – Available at Frontgate


This outfit makes me think of the Sound of Music! It is absolutely adorable.

Alpine Girl Dog Costume – $25.50, 8.00 shipping – Available at Frontgate


I love the idea of a peacock dog costume. Animal planet comes up with so many clever dog costume ideas.

Peacock Dog Costume – $22.81, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace


I have used this costume in the past which

Black Glow in Dark Skeleton Dog Shirt – $13.99, 3.95 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace


It will be awfully handy to have the force with you this Halloween! Check out this super cute Darth Vader costume available at Sears.

Star Wars Collection Pet Costume, Darth Vader – $19.43, 6.95 shipping – Available at Sears.com


How cool would it be to go trick-or-treating as a surfer with your own pet shark?!

Animal Planet Hammerhead Shark Pet Costume – $17.14 (41% off), 5.29 shipping – Available at Amazon.com


Animal Planet has outdone themselves with their dino-dog collection. I just love these Raptor, Stegosaurus and Triceratops costumes …check em out!

Raptor Pet Costume – $23.49, 5.99 shipping – Available at Diapers.com


Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dog Costume – $29.29 (24% off), 5.99 shipping – Available at Diapers.com


Animal Planet Triceratops Dog Costume – $6.57 (35% off), 5.04 shipping – Available at Amazon.com


How cute is this Lion costume? Where is Dorothy, Toto and Scarecrow? ((laughs))

Animal Planets Lion Dog Costume – Medium – $12.99, 3.85 shipping – Available at EntirelyPets.com


My personal favorite from the list is the Lion costume. I can just see my dog wearing it and turning heads ((laughs)). Which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

Invest In A Sewing Machine And Save Money


The modern home is filled with a myriad of appliances and machines, many of which simply collect dust. But sewing machines are very practical home appliances because they can be used to fix clothes and heavy duty work. More and more people are becoming interested in building personal knowledge and independence. This means they are able to look after themselves, save money, and exercise their creativity.
Why Learn to Sew: Enjoyment
Sewing can encompass many things. It can be as creative and original as your imagination. Designing clothing or household textiles will give you options of style and pattern that will set you apart from the monotonous offerings in your local shop. Sewing provides a creative outlet that can enrich your soul and bring pleasure while providing a practical purpose in your home. The art of sewing is in danger of becoming a lost skill, which is unfortunate as it can increase the general self-sufficiency and resiliency of life.
Why Learn to Sew: Practicality
Purchasing a sewing machine gives you more than a creative outlet, though. Even if you never sew a full outfit, learning to sew is a very practical way to save money and live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our culture has become very reliant on convenience and we often find it easier to toss and replace an item, rather than repair it. But with a little practice, the simple skill of mending can save the life of loved garments, keep unnecessary things out of landfills, and save money. The mending of a seam takes only a moment on a machine and it ends up being far more secure than a hand stitch. Most machines now use what is called a lockstitch (Wikipedia) and it creates a stitch that will not easily be ripped out if one thread should break.
Investing in a sewing machine offers you the chance to be creative, resourceful, and budget savvy. The chance to work with your hands and expand your ingenuity is delightfully matched with the opportunity to save money. Not many crafts, pastimes, or jobs can offer the satisfaction all of these things.

Expert Guidelines for Beginners in Online Share Trading (guest post)


Expert Guidelines for Beginners in Online Share Trading

By:  Jake Hyet

While it may sound complicated, starting out in online share trading isn’t really that hard, it’s just taking those first few steps that’s difficult.  Online trading gives an individual the capability to research and trade securities, for example:  those on the foreign exchange market, stocks and bonds, commodity futures and option strategies by using an automated system.  Many traders make use of such systems and say that they are advantageous and inexpensive.  Before you can start an online share trading account you must first do some research, however, once you are ready to begin it really is relatively easy.  Here are some tips on how to go about it:

Broker and Security Go Together

Select the broker you want based on the kind of security you are interested in trading.  Just like with many other jobs, different brokers have different areas of expertise.  Frequently traders will trade stocks, bonds and options all with the same broker.  In most cases traders use a separate broker for futures and a separate broker for the foreign exchange market.  Determine your area of concentration.  Think about using two brokers for insurance in case one broker’s systems fail.

Cost Structure

Thoroughly examine down to the minutest detail the cost structure of every broker.  Be aware that some brokers reward frequent traders by reducing fees for funds kept in customer accounts.  Avoid brokers who do not advertise SIPC insurance, which is a federal program designed to safeguard your account from fraud.

Trade Platforms

Make a careful study of the online platform the broker uses for live stock market trading.  Trade platforms can be either very simple or very complex.  Some brokers will provide special modeling platforms for options trading and futures at no extra cost.  Trade securities with caution.  Know that if you enter a trade by error, you are responsible for that trade until it is corrected.  The least that will happen to you is that you will incur the cost of another buy and sell.

Free Research

Look into and take advantage of the free research that is available with live stock market trading online.  Find out if it is the type of information you require.  Be aware of whether or not the broker offers online charting for technical analysis and basic analysis of publicly traded companies.

Opening an Account

Only select a broker who, if in an emergency, permits you to also enter trades (for an additional fee) with another broker.  You can make use of this feature if you are traveling, your Internet service goes out, or the broker’s own system fails.  (Don’t worry.  This rarely happens.)  Open the account online by filling the online form.  Some personal information is required, like your Social Security number, and you need to create a user name and password.  Then you have to fund the account.  Usually it won’t take more than two or three days for the account to be funded, and then your account will be reviewed and processed.  Then you will be able to start trading.

Biography:  Jake Hyet is an expert in online share trading having worked in the live stock market for over a decade.  He also writes extensively about the stock market.

National Gummi Worm Day


It is National Gummi Worm Day, they were created by the German company Trolli in 1981. Gummi means rubber in German.

My husband likes to make dirt cups with gummi worms. I found several recipes that include gummi worms. Have some fun and make some of these.

Click on the pictures for the recipes

Gone Fishing Snack Mix

Sour Worm Cupcakes

Oreo Dirt Cups


Wormy Orange Punch


Today is also National Tapioca Pudding day. So here is a recipe.

Crockpot Tapioca Pudding

Enjoy your day!

National Pecan Pie Day


You really don’t need an excuse to eat pie or eat any dessert. But today is National Pecan Pie Day so why not have some pie.

I found some great recipes:

Pecan Pie Cookies

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Southern Pecan Pie

Chocolate Silk Pecan Pie

I hope you enjoy the recipes and enjoy your day.

Make Your Loved One’s Birthday A Memorable One



Birthday’s make a person cherish the life that god has given. Adding to the joy of the celebration there are wonderful birthday gifts which make the person feel more blessed. Gifts are bound to be given with a thought of the person’s likes or dislikes, it should be beautiful, and need not necessarily huge. It can be remembered for a lifetime. One look at it and all the fond memories will return back.


Gifts can be funny, crazy, which can spread a giggle on the face of the person. Like a talking parrot, or a funny toy. Of course, it depends on the age factor also. But as such laughing heals everything, so it is a good alternative. The factor of relationship is also essential, if you have a friendly, but formal relations then do not go for expensive gifts. A birthday flowers delivery or a good wishes card is ok for common relationships.


Consider The Taste Of The Person: Along with the relationship factor, the taste of the person should be kept in mind while giving the present. Think what’s his favorite thing? Is he an animal lover, passionate about sports, or he/she loves travelling and is an adventurer. He has a sweet tooth for food and chocolates, or loves cartoons or movies or is into religious stuff. accordingly you can assign the gifts. For an animal lover you can buy a bowl or a pedigree dog food if he is a keeper of dogs. You can gift the colorful belts, or even better, give him tickets to treat his animal to an animal spa. Feels like, one passion and many solutions. You can gift an anime DVD set to a cartoon lover, or a baseball kit to a sports fan. if he is religious gift him accordingly. Don’t forget the antiques! An age old wall clock, or an ancient manuscript, or a wall piece, or the best one is ancient coin collection. This will make him just all smiles and hugs on you. Believe it, this works actually. For a lover of books, there are numerous options so that is not a problem. Be classy, simple yet elegant.


Yearly Smiles: Think over the idea of making the receiver smile even after the birthday. Here’s what you can do. Give him the monthly or yearly subscriptions to his favorite magazine keeping in mind his interest. That is not a tough task, he might love cooking, or horse riding, or trekking, or interior designing stuff, or is crazy about movies. The glossy magazine filled with all sorts of details will catch his eyes, and he won’t take his hands off the magazine.


Another option is a subscription to a club that delivers a particular item each month or so. Like the fruit of the month club. For example, give the birthday guy or gal fresh apples one month, oranges the next, and pears the following. For wine lovers, a regular delivery of a selection of red or white wines to try out would likely be appreciated. There are beer-of-the-month clubs as well, which allows the receiver to try a range of different brews. These clubs are often a bit expensive, as shipping charges can be high, but many have options for less frequent deliveries; if a monthly delivery is too much, one every three months or for just the first six months of the year may be a possibility.


Go Clubbing: Give the recipient a whole 365 day’s membership to a club which delivers a monthly item. Take for e.g. toy of the month club, if he is akin or is interested in toy making designs then every month he/she will receive a designed elegant toy, his joy will knew no bounds. Likewise, a flower admirer is a universal aspect. Allow the person to smell his favorite roses by a parcel of flowers at his door. There is a wine club where there can be a delivery of red wines or other reputed brands of alcohol which would be highly appreciated by a wine lover. The membership of this clubs can be a bit more expensive, the cost of shipping the products on time is a time consuming job. It needs more of money, but if it’s not possible once in a month, then you can opt for once in a 6 month or the first six months of the year.

Give A Gift Of Hangout: Getting out and having some fun at the recipient’s favorite place is also considered a good idea for a birthday present. It would be a very welcoming idea for your friend or relative. Take the recipient to his favorite resort, or if he is a child take him to an amusement park for whole day making his trip a memorable one. If he is an adult, you can think of offering him/her a date. However this is an issue based on personal perspective, so it depends on the recipient and your relation. There are aquariums, museums, adventure parks, wild life sanctuaries where even an adult will have an experience of his lifetime. Do not forget to buy the tickets for the trip unless you are taking the birthday person alone with you. It is your treat and it’s your responsibility to make it special.


Small But Special Offerings: If you have a tight situation in your budget scenario, then you can opt for a small gift, which involves your genuine love and feelings for the person. Do not think that only studded and sparkling valuables are important. You can do the chores of the person at his house to help all day, or you can do the gardening of the flowers for the recipient, He will really appreciate your efforts. If the relationship is so strong, then even a small lip balm of the person’s choice will bring smile to his face.


Avoid Intimate Gifts: You can have an idea of the birthday flowers delivered at the recipient’s house, as a basic perspective. But do not ever think of buying intimate objects for the person which includes lingerie or sleeping wear, it might make the person sullen and embarrassed. Take a look at your relationship and consider the amount of cohesiveness you people have it. Buy according to the person’s taste. After all, the gifts are connected with the heart of yours and the person you are giving too. You can relish the same feeling by looking at your antique placed in the recipient’s show case and feel happy. Offerings are said to be god made you just add the tinge of love and humanity in it.


About The Author: Kate Steele is the author of this article. She has witnessed the power of birthday flowers delivered to her friends and relatives. She believes in making the recipient’s birthday solemn and special by giving exquisite but meaningful gifts. Here she is giving some tips as to what can be offered as a present.


Cute Money Saving Tips for Responsible Parents



It could be quite an expensive affair being a parent. For new parents, this new bunch of expenses could be overwhelming. It is a total life changing experience. Unfortunately, there is a mild hiccup in being a parent, and that is money management. Of course it is similar to biting a bullet, but with some precautions and clever budget tactics, you could afford the things that you need and raise your child like a king/queen. Here are some eye-openers that will definitely make you go, OMG, why I didn’t know this before!”

Shop for Unisex Clothing:There is practically no reason to buy different models and fittings for small boys and girls as there is no great deal of difference in how their bodies are shaped. So if you are planning to have more than one child, stay away from the customary blue and pink outfits. Many T-shirts and pants are worn both by girls and boys throughout pre-school. Moreover, many designing companies have now taken an overall approach to unisex clothing that considers color, pattern and fit. This not only enables the freedom of choice, but also it makes financial sense.

Save On Baby Furniture: You definitely want that your baby should feel special. However, there are a whole lot of ways to do that than simply spending a fortune on the nursery furniture. Start looking early for the furniture, as you have about eight months to set up the nursery. You could also consider purchasing unfinished furniture that is available on many stores and websites, and customize it by having it finished for the nursery, paint the shelving, wooden knobs, handles and add charm to the nursery. Remember the baby furniture is temporary, perhaps only 18 months. While buying from a website, you could surf around the web and see if you get some coupon codes that give you discount on purchase from certain websites.



Explore Homeschooling: While circumstances force parents to put their 2 year olds in someone else’s care at day-time, there are many who are influenced by the hugely popular propaganda of the pre-school craze. Putting the idea off for a year or two could save thousands spent on tuition fees. A stimulating milieu could be created and generate numerous opportunities for playdates with your friends to prepare children for the kindergarten. Have you heard any news on how huge a difference has it made on the child’s overall development, when it is sent to pre-school? I have not heard anything of that sort.

Cut You Kid’s hair: It may sound crazy, but in addition to being money saving tactic it is also a very cute activity at home. A salon visit could cost somewhere around $25 or more, however the child’s locks could be easily trimmed by you too. What you need is a spray bottle, a comb and a pair of scissors. And bang! You are game for it. The step-by step instructions are available through innumerable sources online. Guess what! A visit to the salon takes time; your child gets messy and irritable while getting a hair-cut, moving head here and there. You are saved from all this trouble by allotting some time every fortnightly or once in a month.

Shift Working Hours:For a family where both the parents are working, one payment that takes out the biggest slice from their income is baby-sitting. Look out for jobs that allow flexible hours, or even see if your current employer permits you to work flexibly. Some parents do away with child-care expenses by arranging the work timings, so that one spouse could work in the evening while the other hustles during the day.

Home-made baby food: There is no denying to the fact that baby food is quite expensive. Preparing baby food at home is quite cheaper, and a greener and eco-friendly way to achieve the required nutrition when shifting your child’s feeding from milk to semi-solids or solids. It is definitely not tough or time-consuming. You could easily mix fruits with other ingredients for taste and nutrition and blend the vegetables to introduce your baby to new flavors.

Brush Away Dental Expenditure: You might be wondering what this means. Does it really have any importance in my money-saving program? Yes it does! You can help prevent cavities to your child by brushing their teeth twice a day until the child attains the skill to do it on its own. A single filling cost is somewhere around $300.

Putting away money for your child’s great future is a mind-blowing way to build your own little nest egg. There is no need to keep aside hundreds of dollars every month, but some clever financial decision and a commitment to you to save something each month could turn up great benefits once children grow up and so do their needs. It is recommended to research online on various products and services to see if they suit your requirements. While purchasing online, ensure that you check out for discount coupons that is available though a number of platforms.


Author Bio: Anna Williams is a wholesaler of baby products, who is running this business from several years. She explains us why to purchase baby clothing in wholesale and how to use Voucher Sky and benefits offered by it. She likes to share money saving tips with parents.